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Superscope Product Manuals

PMR61 Professional Audio Recorder

User Guide

PSD450mkII 16GB or 32 GB SSD/CD/USB Digital Audio Recorder

English | Quick Start Guide 

PSD450 HDD/CD/SD Card/USB Digital Recorder

English | French | Spanish | German | Quick Start Guide

PSD430 CD/SD Card/USB Digital Recorder

English | French | Spanish | German | Quick Start Guide

PSD410 SD Card/USB Digital Recorder

English | Quick Start Guide

Elevation and Elevation LE Music Practice and Recording Software

Elevation | Elevation LE | End User License Agreement

PSD340 Dual Drive CD/MP3 Player / CD Recorder

English | Spanish | PortugueseGerman | French | Swedish | Italian | Chinese

PSD300 / PSD300P Dual Drive CD Player / CD Recorder

English | Quick Start Guide

PSD330 Single Drive CD Player / CD Recorder


PSD220 / PSD230 CD Player


PAC750 / PAC770 Professional Sound Systems


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