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Marantz Professional Refurbished Products, Parts & Service

Superscope's service agent, Micky Moore, now offers direct purchase of refurbished Marantz Professional and Superscope products through their store on eBay. In addition to products. they offer a full array of common accessories, service & repair parts, owners and service manuals, Click on the listing image below to view the current inventory available for direct purchase from our store.


If you prefer to purchase directly from us, rather then purchasing through eBay, please use the contact us link to inquire about products, price and availability as well as any questions you may have about our offerings.

For service inquiries please follow the instructions on the Service & Support page or use the contact us link below to send a message regarding your service issues.

About These Offerings

This page is operated and maintained by our independent service agent, Micky Moore. I worked for Superscope for over 30 years in various operational and management positions. After departing Superscope, I have opened up an independent business refurbishing and servicing in and out of warranty Superscope and Marantz Professional products and service parts. I offer these products and service independent of Superscope Technologies, Inc.and manage all aspects of these activities independent of them. I offer many years of expertise in these products and am happy to share this with you in the form of these offerings. Thank you for viewing this page. I stand ready to assist as oppourtunity allows. .

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