Michael Cochrane

Michael Cochrane - PSD450mkII “The PSD450mkII is a compact, powerful, & versatile audio system. I highly recommend it to performers, music educators, and students.”

Customer Experience

I am a jazz pianist and educator. I have been working in the field for over 40 years. I was introduced to Superscope’s line of products from my dear friend and colleague the late David Gross. David was a fine saxophone player and educator. We worked together for years and eventually formed the band: Lines of Reason, which is still active today. David taught saxophone in his ow n studio for many years. He used one of Superscope’s products and was very happy with it. I later tried the software Elevation and was very pleased. It was at this time that I formed a relationship with the company. I was interested in the 400 series of recording products and eventually was introduced to the new PSD450mkII. I was completely knocked out.

Music Practice Tool

My work centers around performing and teaching. I am currently active with several jazz groups and perform around the world. I also teach in four music schools. The PSD450mkII provides me with a tool that I can use to get much of my work done. As a performer I find the unit very useful for practicing.

Accompaniment Tracks

It has many useful features such as being able to practice with play-a-long recordings. I like being able to practice with a rhythm section in the privacy of my own home. The unit allows me to manipulate the tracks to suit my needs. I can adjust the tempo of a track and even change the key if I want to. I also find it very useful to be able to record myself with the track. This really allows me to fine tune my performances.


I also like the feature of being able to slow down tracks without changing the pitch. I still do some transcribing and this unit allows me to be able to do this fairly easily. Being able to loop a section of the track makes transcribing dicult passages much easier.

Recording On The Go

My band: Lines of Reason has been active doing concerts and playing in clubs. I am able to record rehearsals with this unit as well as our performances. I am then able to make CDs and give them to the band members. It is a compact unit and easy to bring to different locations.

I also love the internal solid state memory. I can store so much music right in the unit and it saves me from having to carry CDs to work.

Teachers Assistant

My teaching revolves around giving jazz piano lessons, teaching jazz theory and coaching jazz ensembles. I work with students of all ages and the PSD450mkII provides me with a tool to get much of my work done. In some of my teaching studios I am fortunate enough to have two pianos. I like to play along with my students, sometimes providing them with bass lines. This new unit is equipped with a USB input which allows you to plug in a ash drive. In this way I can record students during their lessons and let them take the ash drive with them so that they can study their playing at home. I can also put a couple of play-a-long tracks on the ash drive for them to practice with.

I find this to be a great learning tool and it is fun for the students. Recording my students with the play-along tracks gives me a way a evaluating my student’s progress. It is nice that the unit allows me to save the recordings both on the internal solid state memory and the student’s ash drive. That way I am able to listen and make relevant suggestions and they can listen and fine tune their own playing

Recording my student’s performances with the unit is not only very useful but also fun to do. At one of our schools we have sharing hours where parents and friends can come and hear the student perform. My piano students and jazz ensembles participate in these programs. The PSD450mkII is compact and makes great recordings. Again these recordings are both useful for me and for the performers.

The PSD450mkII is a one-stop device that accomplishes many tasks. It is both useful for me in my teaching and performing. It is a compact, powerful and versatile audio system that gets a lot done. I highly recommend it to performers, music educators, and students.

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