Jerry Baiden

Jerry Baiden“I am looking forward to helping more people in fulfilling their wish to play guitar. THANKS SUPERSCOPE!!"

Customer Experience

Jerry Baiden is a guitar and bass instructor from San Jose, California who shares a long history with Superscope. Jerry has been playing guitar for 34 years and teaching in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 25 years. Of those 25 years, he has taught the last 15 years in Cupertino, California. Early in his development, Jerry enlisted the help of what was very common at the time for aspiring players, the Superscope 202LP.

“Ahh, the memories!” recalls Jerry. “I was into many different styles of playing, and I explored other instrumentalists and not just guitarists. I did use the 202LP in my lessons as well. I went through two 202LPs, and that is with various repairs done to both.” This cassette player could reduce or increase the tempo of recordings with the option of operating at half-speed, which would render the recording an octave lower as well. Jerry admits the resulting quality was kind of muddy, but adds that musicians were all thankful because it was the best option available at the time.

For the next generation of tempo-altering cassette player/recorders, Superscope presented the PMD201, a unit produced by Marantz and distributed by Superscope. Due to his extensive transcribing and teaching, Jerry went through two of these recorders. If one required maintenance, he did what was necessary to keep the unit going, until…Superscope made the transition to digital, making it possible to alter tempos without altering keys, and alter keys without altering tempos (however not both at the same time). Superscope introduced this technology in the form of the PSD230 CD player, and Jerry was on board again.

For teaching, Jerry needed a PSD230 at all times, so again he purchased two units. “I used the PSD230 in my lessons to move songs up into standard tuning when the band was tuned down a half-step or lower, “ recalls Jerry. “Sometimes I would slow tunes down to help students grasp a rhythm pattern on which they were working. In a word, indispensable.”

The latest in the evolution of tempo/key altering technology is Superscope’s Elevation software. With the processing power of his MacBook, Jerry is now able to alter tempo and key at the same time with excellent sound quality.

Jerry used Elevation to transcribe Charlie Parker’s alto break in the classic, Night in Tunisia. Watch Jerry explain this lesson on YouTube: Since Elevation allows you to export all key and tempo changes as new audio files, Jerry is also able to post audio practice material for his students on his website:

At Superscope, we’re grateful to have the loyalty of outstanding players and teachers like Jerry. Teaching music can be a deeply rewarding experience, and Superscope is always happy to assist. Jerry concludes, “Teaching has been the greatest gig I have ever had. I have met so many wonderful people, students, parents, and colleagues, and my life is richer and more fulfilled for it. I am looking forward to helping more people in fulfilling their wish to play guitar. THANKS SUPERSCOPE!! “

For more information about Jerry and his teaching, please check out his website:

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