Jean Arnett Vocal Studio - JAVS

Southern California

Jean Arnett Vocal Studio - JAVS“I would like to express how incredibly valuable the Superscope products are to my success as a vocal coach/instructor.”

Customer Experience

Located in Redondo Beach, CA, Jean’s studio ( is literally just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean. It’s obvious that her vocal students love her studio’s environment because they endure awful LA area traffic in order to take lessons from her. “I had another teaching studio further East, which was more convenient considering the traffic, but I closed it recently because it seems everyone prefers to come here.” laughed Jean.

Jean offers instruction in Sight Singing, Ear Training, Vocal Improvisation and Performance/Audition preparation. She has coached, directed, and produced singers of all ages who have appeared on Glee, The X Factor, American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and much more.

If you’re a student of JAVS, you are expected to practice several times a day for short periods of time (20 minutes) “Their vocal chords, rib, and tongue muscles should be exercised properly every day to gain strength” explains Jean.

JAVS is leveraging technology in her daily lessons to produce content necessary to support her students practice sessions after the lesson. A longtime fan and owner of Superscope music products, Jean recently upgraded to Superscope’s PSD450mkII because it is totally integrated and does not require a computer, software, and external soundcard.

Students at JAVS are provided recordings of each lesson that includes exercises and vocalizes, produced and distributed using Superscope’s PSD450mkII. Jean’s studio setup is a Shure Beta 87A wireless handheld vocal microphone which is fed into an Allen & Heath ZED-FX audio mixer. The ZED’s output is connected to the PSD450mkII line inputs which converts the analog signals into nice digital recordings. The line outputs of the PSD450mkII are fed back to the mixer which is output via XLR jacks to Presonus Studio Monitors (available through Superscope) for great live sound and playback in the studio. Jean produces excellent quality recordings for her students while at the same time teaching her students how to develop microphone technique, a critical performance skill that must be mastered prior to stepping out on stage in front of a live audience.

“Some students still prefer practice CDs recorded on the 450mkII following their lesson, but I especially appreciate the USB flash drive because distribution is instantaneous. I simply hand the USB to the student at the end of lesson.” A digital copy of the recordings resides in the internal memory for backup. Younger students prefer USB because it is a universal media standard for play back on their laptops, smart phones and tablets.

“I would like to express how incredibly valuable the Superscope products are to my success as a vocal coach/instructor. The ease of use and numerous technical features of the PSD450mkII and Elevation add a high level of quality and content to my teaching sessions. My expertise as a private teacher is greatly enhanced by the fact that I have the ability to playback, change keys and tempos, and provide a CD or Flash drive of the session for each individual to work with before the next appointment”. Jean Arnett