Elevation Software from Superscope

Software for Music Practice, Transcription, Recording

The Elevation Library easily handles common file formats AIFF, MP3 and WAV. Import music from compact disc or music downloads from your computer. Loop sections of audio in any key or tempo and save as snapshots. Record live or with accompaniment files. Make a playlist for CD burning, export files for e-mailing or send to a USB thumb drive.

Elevation combines an easy-to-use interface for music learning and a stereo recorder in a cost effective software package.



Elevation LE

High Performance DSP (Digital Signal Processing from Izotope)

Key Control (+/- one octave range)

Tempo Control (-75%/+100%)

Fine Tune (alter playback +/- 50 cents)

Voice Reduction with Control for Vocal Type and Pan

Seamless Looping

Music Library Management

Metronome with Settings for Accent Beats

Import Your CD Collection and Audio Files

Save DSP Settings as Snapshots*

Export snapshots* as New Files (WAV, MP3, AIFF)

Create Custom Playlists and Burn CDs

Record with Accompaniment File

Record Concerts and Rehearsals

Simple Interface and Easy to Use

Link Files & Add Performance Notes to Audio Files

PC & Mac Compatible

* Creating a snapshot allows for instant recall of all knob, slider and marker positions on the screen.



Free Demo Downloads


Elevation $99 Disc Version
License for Windows or Mac
Elevation $99 Download Version
(US Only *)
License for Windows or Mac

Elevation LE

Elevation LE $69 Disc Version
License for Windows or Mac
Elevation LE $69 Download Version
(US Only *)
License for Windows or Mac

*For International orders please contact Superscope. Download versions of Elevation are not available for International purchase, Disc version only.

All US orders for download versions will be processed Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm CST. After your payment has been validated you will receive an email with download instructions and your product serial number.