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mkIIMCR2 Meeting Recording System

Price: $1,299.00

mkIIMCR2 Meeting Recording System

For large group meetings and conferences, consider the mkIIMCR2 Recording System. Featuring the Audio-Technica AT2021 condenser microphones, these studio quality microphones are great sounding and complement the 450mkII's 48v Phantom Power supply. The mkIIMCR2 also includes the CA300 hard shell case, plus On-Stage microphone stands, 50' cables, and a heavy duty Nylon bag for transporting mic stands and cables.

Superscope PSD450mkII

The 450mkII is an all-in-one portable recording system that records to inexpensive CD-R media, as well as to internal memory and popular USB flash drives. In addition to recording WAV files, record meetings as MP3 files and archive over 11 hours on a single CD for less than 30 cents a disc.

Audio-Technica AT2021 Professional Condensor Microphones

Designed for open space recoring applications, these professional grade microphones are powered by PSD450mkII's integrated Phantom Power circuit. The AT2021 condenser microphones provide excellent coverage and enhanced articulation, and are designed to be placed on the included microphone stands and directed towards the intended audio targets.

AT2021 Specifications (PDF)

On-Stage MS7201B Round Base Microphone Stand & CBI 50' XLR Microphone Cables

For microphone placement, the On-Stage microphone stands are perfect for virtually any meeting and public hearing application. Whether recording town halls, hearings, or municiple and public gatherings, microphone placement has never been easier!

The mic stands are mounted on a sturdy 7lb round base for stable placement and minimal chance of tipping over. They have an adjustable height range of 33” to 60” (from floor to microphone mount). Plus they fold up to a compact 38” for easy storing and carrying!

2 50' CBI Artist Series microphone cables provide for flexible equipment setup..

MS7201B Specifications (PDF)

Carry Cases

The mkIIMCR2 includes the Superscope CA300, a custom fit, secure lock, hard shell case for the PSD450mkII and microphones. Also included is the On-Stage MSB-6500 heavy-duty Nylon bag for mic stands, mic mount, and 50' XLR cables, offering both portability and protection.

MSB-6500 Specifications (PDF)

The mkIIMCR2 Meeting Recording System...

  • Superscope PSD450mkII 16GB SSD/CD/USB Digital Audio Recorder
  • (2) Audio-Technica AT2021 Condenser Microphones
  • (2) On-Stage MS7201B Round Base Mic Stands
  • (2) CBI 50 Foot XLR to XLR Mic Cables
  • Superscope CA300 Rugged Hard Shell Carry Case
  • On-Stage MSB-6500 Heavy-Duty Nylon Microphone Stand Bag


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