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PMR61 Meeting Recording Systems

Contact us or call 800-374-4118 for questions and ordering.



Interview Recording System


For meetings where a small to medium size conference table is used (2-6 people) PMR's internal microphones provide more than adequate coverage.


To record professional close up and personal sounding interviews and hearings, Superscope recommends our best selling PMR61 Digital Meeting Recorder with 2-Audio Technica AT2021 studio quality, condenser microphones powered by PMR61's internal 48V Phantom Power supply.


The 61MCR3 also includes 2 portable, low profile, mini tripod desktop microphone stands and 2-10' professional, low noise, XLR microphone cables.


Meeting Recording System



For larger meetings (8 or more participants) consider the 61MCR1 Meeting Recording Packag. Featuring 2-VEC CM-1000 boundry microphones, these low-profile microphones do not require mic stands because they are simply placed on a flat surface that reflects room noise and pick up more participants spread out in a larger space.

The CM-1000 includes an attached light gauge 8' cable that can be  easily connected to the left or right conference mic input located on PMR61's rear panel. Auto-detected by the PMR61, these connections can be programmed to automatically switch off PMR's internal microphone circuit so PMR's input source is automatically selected prior to recording your next meeting.  CM1000 electret, condenser microphones require 5v power - supplied by PMR's 3.5mm trrs inputs.  Up to 3-CM-1000s can be daisy chained connected to each conference mic input providing even greater coverage for a city council, school board or large departmental meeting.



The package also includes Superscope's CA300 carry case to safely transport and store your recording equipment. $149 value.


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