Ann Harris

Ann Harris “Elevation Software has been FABULOUS for the choir and me."

Customer Experience

Ann Harris, a retired choral teacher who taught elementary, middle, and high school students for over 21 years, now spends her time as director of a church choir and accompanist at a local university. A Superscope customer since her high school teaching days, she originally purchased the PSD300 when her principal had some “extra” money and offered her an opportunity to purchase the unit.

Ann discovered Elevation software in January, 2011 when looking for a way to help her choir members learn their vocal parts. This music practice software has proved to be irreplaceable in this area. After downloading a free trial, Ann decided to personally purchase the program because she believed it would be very useful, as well as a major timesaver.

Elevation has been used to create rehearsal CDs for the church choir. With the overdub feature, Ann can record her Clavinova over choral tracks that do not have rehearsal CDs. She plays the voice part on the Clavinova (SATB) so that choir members can hear their respective parts while listening to the entire piece in the background. She has also learned how to transfer cassettes into digital form.

Elevation software has been FABULOUS for the choir and me. Tim, from Superscope’s customer service department, has spent MANY hours on the phone with me, walking me through any troubles I may have - HE HAS BEEN A TRUE LIFESAVER! I don’t consider myself computer savvy, but I can manage to get around. Tim has given me so many pointers that make my work with Elevation much easier,” says Ann.

Elevation allows the user to slow down tracks by as much as 75% for learning purposes and real- time tempo control. Ann uses this feature often so the choir can listen closely and hear the separate parts. She will also transpose songs to keys that work for her singers. She explains, “I’ve got choir members that don’t read music; they learn by ear, so these rehearsal CDs really help them. Learning how to email mp3 files to the choir so they can listen through their own computers or download them to their iPods has been her latest “discovery”.” Ann adds, “For what I paid, it has been worth every dime, and then some. I honestly feel like I’ve gotten my money back!

Extremely grateful for how Superscope Elevation software has helped her stay organized, Ann concludes, “I have been making rehearsal tapes for my choirs since the 70’s and am so happy I came across Superscope during my journey. This software program really works. AND THEY HAVE THE MOST WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I HAVE EVER known!”

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