Michael Cochrane

New York

Michael Cochrane - PSD450mkII “I highly recommend Superscope for performers, educators and students.”

Customer Experience

Michael Cochrane (www.michaelcochrane.com) is a NY area jazz pianist/composer that has performed all over the world. He teaches jazz piano, jazz theory and coaches jazz ensembles. Over the years, Michael has taught at Princeton University, Rutgers University, Bloomingdale School of Music, and the Thurnauer School of Music.

He recently released his sixteenth CD and has written several books on jazz music and instruction available through Hal Leonard publishing and on his website (link provided above). To listen to Michael’s Quartet and analyze his polished, laid-back style, please click here.

Michael was originally introduced to Superscope through a long-time friend, the late, great saxophonist and teacher, David Gross. David was using Superscope products to control the key and tempo of CDs in his private teaching studio. Fascinated with the potential, Michael immediately embraced Superscope’s technology to enhance student learning in numerous practical applications for jazz studies.

Over time you develop your own unique catalogue of ideas that you draw from when you compose and perform live. When musicians perform together, they feed off each other’s musical ideas, which inspire collaborative, new music.

However, in order to get your fingers or voice to recreate a musical idea recalled from your mental repertoire (sometimes notated in a staff book), untold hours of practice and repetition are required to develop your technique. Jazz musicians refer to this as “wood-shedding”:, locking yourself up to practice the mechanics of performance in order to master it.

This is where technology becomes so beneficial for practicing musicians. Superscope’s PSD450mkII and Elevation software (music practice software for your MAC or PC) allow you to easily isolate the beginning and end of any recorded musical phrase; slow it down so you can deconstruct it; repeat it until you can play it; and record with it and even transpose it into alternate keys.

Once you have mastered these techniques, a musical idea, scale, mode, or riff, can be recalled during a live performance, which becomes your improvisation. The ability to play an idea in multiple keys provides a lot of flexibility to draw from to create new phrases, and eventually help to form your personal improvisation style.

Michael told us, “I was originally attracted to the technology that slowed down CD recordings without changing the pitch because it allowed me to play along.” Defining and looping slower musical phrases makes transcription much easier. You can also download music to use in the PSD450mkII and Elevation software the same way you use CDs.

“Some of my teaching studios have two pianos and I like playing along with my students - sometimes providing them the bass lines to play along with. The 450mkII makes it easy for me to record these practice sessions to a USB Flash Drive or CD so students can practice with me at home. I also love the large capacity of the internal memory, which stores so many recordings I don’t have to carry around CDs.”

The PSD450mkII is a portable, professional, Digital Recorder that has built-in stereo condenser microphones, amplifier, and speaker. It also can be used with professional external microphones for performances and concerts. “I use it to record my students’ performances and rehearsals, and performances of my band, Lines of Reason.”

“I highly recommend Superscope for performers, educators, and students.” Michael Cochrane