Angelo Cassar

Angelo Cassar "The PSD450 is the top product on the market for a private teacher like me."

Customer Experience

Six months ago, Angelo Cassar, an avid classical guitarist and guitar teacher, took advantage of Superscope's trade-in program by returning his Superscope PSD300 for the latest model, the PSD450. Also a retired industrial chemist and physicist, Angelo had kept his passion for the guitar alive throughout his career at Dow Corning, offering private lessons in the Midland, Michigan, area since 1979. Two days a week, he teaches classical guitar to his students, who are aged from eight to 78. Angelo utilizes the Superscope PSD450 in each lesson, recording the lesson for each student so they can replay it at home after their class. They can even play along with their instructor to practice correct technique and rhythm. Perhaps this is another reason why Angelo maintains a waiting list for his class openings, as his students love the advantages they have with this advanced teaching technique.

With the PSD450, Angelo is able to create customized digital practice files for each of his students. He includes current study materials, such as exercise scales and pieces from the students' practice book. "I can take any original CD, even the CDs that accompany their practice books, record it, and copy it at a lower speed. A lot of the time, a practice CD is recorded way too fast for the students to follow along. However, using my Superscope to create practice files at slower speeds of 10%, 20% and 30%, it's easier for students to prepare for their next session," Angelo explains. Each student simply burns the day's session as captured on the PSD450 onto a CD, the student's SD Mini or uploads it to their USB drives to review at home. "And the best part is, the students love it. Ten years down the line they can go back and play one of these files, and say, "It's amazing how much I've improved!'"

In addition to the PSD450, Angelo utilizes Superscope's Elevation Software. "If it's more convenient for the student, I use Elevation to email their music lesson audio files. It's an added benefit that compliments the PSD450 very well. Elevation and the PSD450 have greatly enhanced my abilities as both a teacher and a performer. I only wish the technology had been available 40 years ago!" Angelo concludes.

"The PSD450 is the top product on the market for a private teacher like me. The memory storage is phenomenal. It acts as an external drive when I hook it up to my computer, so it takes up absolutely no space on my hard drive. I can pull up individual files for each of my student's lessons. At the end of my course, it's always astounding for students to go back and review the progress they've achieved. The whole package that the PSD450 offers is just so convenient," says Angelo.

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