Limited Service on Superscope PSD300 Series Product

Since discontinuation of new product sales of the PSD300 & PSD330 in 2008 and PSD340 in 2013, Superscope has been able to effectively support service repairs on these models. However, due to very limited availability of reliable key components such as CD and CDR mechanisms, we have reached a point where we can no longer guarantee our ability to provide service on these models when the repair requires one of these key components.

In an effort to offer limited service support on these models, Superscope will continue to accept these units for repair. However, in the case a key component is required and not available, we will deem the unit as "Unrepairable Due To Parts Being No Longer Available" and your unit will be returned to you with no charges due.

As an alternative to service, please keep in mind that Superscope does offer CD Recording solutions with our current models PSD450mkII and PSD450mkII-32 which still include all the music practice features you have come to love .

If CD Recording is no longer a requirement for you, you may want to consider our PMR61 Digital Audio Recorder which may be the smartest and simplest recorder you will ever own.

Should you have additional questions regarding support on your PSD300 series recorder, please give us a call at (800)374-4118 or contact us by email.