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PSD400 Series Digital Audio Recorders from Superscope

Superscope PSD450mkII Recorder

The Superscope 400 Series of portable digital audio recorders are designed to meet the needs found in Music, Business, Government, Education, House of Worship, and wherever high-quality audio recording is desired.

Introducing the PSD450mkII (aka EZ RECORDER), this is Superscope's most advanced and easy-to-use portable digital audio recorder to date. Key features include...

  • EZ Guide (built-in navigation guide for step-by-step prompting of the most popular operations)
  • Built-in 16GB SSD (Solid State Drive expandable to 32GB)
  • Built-in CD Recorder
  • Built-in standard USB port for direct connection of a USB Flash Drive or USB External Hard Drive for recording or playback
  • Built-in peripheral USB port for direct virtual drive connection to PC or MAC computer
  • Simultaneous Record to Internal SSD plus USB (Backup Copy)

Refer to the summary below and compare key features for the PSD450mkII and PSD410. To view and download (PDF) a more complete list of features and differences please refer to the PSD400 Series Model Comparison Chart.









EZ Guide Step by Step Navigation

Record to Internal SSD (Solid State Drive)



Direct Access to Key & Tempo Change From File Screen

Simultaneous Record to Internal SSD plus USB (Backup Copy)

Built-in Standard USB Port (type A) for Direct Connect to USB Flash Drives

Record to CD

Record to SD Media (up to 32GB)

Record to External USB Flash or USB Hard Drive

Record Formats (WAV/MP3)

Built-in Stereo Mics

Mic/Line Input (XLR & 1/4" x 2)

Mic Attenuation & Mic EQ

48 Volt Phantom Power


Automatic Record Level Control/Limiter

Metronome (with TAP), Chromatic Tuner & Tuner Tone

Simultaneous Real-time Key & Tempo Control

A-B Looping

Voice Reduction

Foot Pedal Control for Play/Pause and Record/Pause (pedal optional)

Full Feature Wireless Handheld Remote Control (included)

File Sharing with PC via type B USB (Windows or MAC)

PSD450mkII Solid State Drive/CD Audio Recorder

PSD450mkII $899
Solid State Drive/CD Audio Recorder

PSD410 16GB Solid State Audio Recorder

PSD410 $349
16GB Solid State Audio Recorder

For International orders please contact Superscope.