PMR61-32 Digital Audio Recorder

Price: $999.00

PMR61-32 Superscope Professional Audio Recorder

Audio recording of meetings and conferences, and events such as music performances, has been a constant in the professional world for decades. Regardless of the purpose of these recordings, everyone benefits from a reliable, accurate, clear recording that is easily referenced, distributed, and transcribed.

Enter the Superscope PMR61-32. A brand synonymous with professional audio recording, Superscope has created professional audio devices for more than five decades. The PMR61-32 is the next generation, and possibly the world's smartest digital audio recorder.

Simple Design and Operation 

The PMR61 is clearly a different type of recorder. Its uncluttered, non-technical design is comfortable in any meeting, interview or conference room, while still compact enough to fit in a briefcase or backpack. However, easy operation is the key to the PMR61 design. With a simple top panel layout consisting of only four buttons, all critical setup functions are included in the touch screen menu, which not only gives immediate status during recording, but also allows for easy setup, navigation, and operation. Built-in 32GB of internal memory for hours of uninterrupted recordings. Also available in 16GB version (PMR61).

Superscope PMR61 Recorder Superscope PMR61 Recorder

Record Check and Auto Input Detect 

Superscope’s revolutionary design automatically detects input sources and determines appropriate level settings prior to recording. “Record Check” is an automated process that determines the setup for you. During Record Check, a process lasting for 15 seconds, the PMR61-32 selects the appropriate sensitivity, attenuation, input levels and record level to provide a professional recording setup. Afterwards, just touch to listen to the test results and you are ready to record.

Superscope PMR61 Recorder Superscope PMR61 Recorder


Simultaneous Recording 

The PMR61-32 utilizes a combination of internal solid-state memory as well as a grab and go format like USB. With the side mounted, USB 2.0 port, simply plug in a readily available USB flash drive and have recordings ready to go, instantly upon finish. Both the Internal and USB media can be recorded to simultaneously, providing file redundancy and a failsafe archive for every important event.

USB Media Check 

USB Media has become the most common and accepted removable media for use globally and the PMR61-32 digital audio recorder has the ability to conveniently record directly to it. However, while USB drives looks very similar, their performance for real-time digital audio recording is not all the same. PMR61’s USB Media Check feature is designed to help identify USB compatibility with PMR61-32.  Recommended USB Media

Superscope PMR61 Recorder

Battery and AC Operation 

For many applications, the PMR61-32 may have a permanent home at a meeting table or on a desk. In these instances, the included DC power adapter can be utilized to power the unit. The PMR61 can also operate on four off-the-shelf AA alkaline or Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries. The low-cost rechargeable technology will power the PMR61-32 for over 4 hours, and the PMR61-32 will automatically recharge Ni-MH batteries when plugged in. Most important, when the PMR61-32 is operating on AC power, and if power is interrupted, the batteries will seamlessly take over, ensuring critical recording continues.

Recorder Settings (settings.dat.file) 

The PMR61-32’s smart and simple design manages 50 recorder settings that come preset from the factory. But since recording applications and environments can vary, changing any of these settings can be performed easily on the PMR61-32 to adapt to each specific recording situation. The PMR61-32 allows you to manage all of these settings as a group by creating what is referred to as a settings.dat file. The DAT file (short for data file) created by the PMR61-32, was designed to easily save and archive your settings.

Selecting proper settings for your specific recording application is a critical first step in the recording process and securing those settings with a PIN helps to minimize operational errors. PMR61-32’s settings.dat file provides an easy way to save and archive settings and also provides large organizations a convenient and reliable setup for multiple PMR61-32 for delivering consistent operation and results.

Audio File Management 

PMR61-32's advanced file naming method makes it very simple for operators to identify recorded files. By setting the Date and Time in the PMR's internal clock, each PMR recording is automatically Date and Time stamped and written into the file name. The recorded files are displayed and listed according to the Date and Time when the Record button is pressed.

PMR61-32 file names can also include up to 2-User Defined Areas providing additional information stamped into the file name. Once the user areas are defined, this information, along with the Date and Time, will be automatically written into the file name. PMR61-32's smart and simple method for file naming, and the ability to restrict access with a PIN, provides professional operators and organizations a secure, easy and intuitive process for identifying and managing recorded files.

Superscope PMR61 Recorder Superscope PMR61 Recorder

Audio Recording

There are millions of business meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars, legal proceedings, music performances, and much more taking place every day requiring audio recording. These one-shot recordings can fail dramatically due to poor record settings, improper setup, or simply by not pushing the Record button. Superscope designed the PMR61 to help prevent failed recordings, and to provide an ease of setup and operation never before realized in a stand-alone audio recorder.

The all-new Superscope PMR61-32 audio and simple.