CONDUCTOR61 Music Recording System

CONDUCTOR61 Music Recording System

Price: $1,399.00

CONDUCTOR61 Recording System

Among other things, the music conductor is a sound engineer during a live performance. Ultimately the conductor determines the mix of the instruments and voices that make up an large ensemble's performance. Superscope's Conductor Recording System combines everything required to capture a performance professionally from the best seat in the house - in the air above the conductor's head.

This configuration is designed for recording large, acoustically superior spaces with high ceilings where instruments are mixed with the sound of the room, an ideal position to record your Concert Band, Choir, Orchestra or Ensemble.

Each component in this system was selected to provide convenience, portability, easy setup, stability and professional results without having to rely on a recording engineer. If the space you are recording in is a typical band room or rehearsal studio consider the Superscope Virtuoso61 Recording System to determine which system best fits your application.

Superscope PMR61

The PMR61 is clearly a different type of audio recorder. Its uncluttered, non-technical design and ease of operation is the key to the PMR61 design. Users will immediately recognize the lack of buttons and switches that often introduce risk into the recording process.

With a simple top panel layout consisting of only four buttons, the user has little opportunity for error. All critical setup functions are included in the touch screen menus, which not only gives immediate status during recording, but also allows for easy setup, navigation, and operation.

The PMR61 is an all-in-one professional digital audio recorder that records to internal memory and popular USB flash drives simultaneously.

Audio Technica Condenser Microphones

These premium, low profile, condenser microphones receive excellent industry reviews boasting very professional results at an incredibly low price. They are powered by the 48v Phantom Power supply integrated into Superscope's PMR61.

Also included in this system is the Rode SB20 Stereo Bar which securely holds both microphones allowing you to quickly and easily configure complex XY and ORTF mic configurations from one mic stand. Professional wind screens and mic clips are also included.

 AT2021 Specifications (PDF) SB20 Specifications (PDF)

On-Stage Tripod Boom Stand & CBI 50' XLR Cables

The On-Stage SB9600 is a large, secure tripod boom stand with a 82" boom arm that enables you to lift a stereo microphone configuration high in the air where the room and the performing ensemble can be properly mixed and recorded together. The long cables necessary to reach the microphones would topple a typical mic stand and boom.

2 50' CBI Artist Series microphone cables provide for flexible equipment setup.

SB9600 Specifications (PDF)

Carry Cases

The Conductor Recording System includes the Superscope CA300, a custom fit, secure lock, hard shell case for the PMR61 and microphones, plus an On-Stage rugged padded Nylon bag for the tripod boom stand and the 50' XLR to XLR cables.

SSB-6500 Specifications (PDF)

The CONDUCTOR61 Music Recording System

  • Superscope PMR61 Digital Audio Recorder
  • (2) Audio Technica AT2021 Professional Condenser Microphones
  • (1) On-Stage SB9600 Tripod Boom Mic Stand
  • (1) Rode SB Stereo Bar 
  • (2) CBI 50 Foot XLR to XLR Mic Cables
  • Superscope CA300 Rugged Hard Shell Carry Case
  • On-Stage SSB-6500 Durable Padded Nylon Microphone Stand Bag


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