PSD300P Nearly new CD Recorder

PSD300RB Refurbished B Stock CD Player & Recorder

Price: $500.00
This portable stand-alone system is designed specifically as a valuable music rehearsal and performance tool:

Professional CD-R/CD-RW recorder with a CD-R/CD-RW player featuring innovative music manipulation controls.

In addition to a recording drive, a CD player features custom controls so musicians can practice along with their favorite artist or music accompaniment CD while manipulating the key or tempo in real time.

The CD player also includes a voice reduction control, designed to minimize lead vocals on stereo CDs.

Archive your old LPs and tapes to CD using standard RCA inputs. Once you've recorded your discs, use the CD player to manipulate key or tempo!

The PSD300RB Refurbished B-Stock is factory reconditioned. Electronics are warrantied to be in 100% working order for a period of 90 days parts and labor. Cosmetic conditions vary and may have some level of scratches and/or marks but are generally in good condition. Comes with power cord and owners manual.