Meeting & Conference Recording System 1

mkIIMCR1 Meeting Recording System

Price: $1,199.00

mkIIMCR1 Meeting Recording System

For meetings where a small to medium-size conference table is used, the 450mkII's high performance internal microphones provide more than adequate coverage.

For somewhat larger meetings, consider the mkIIMCR1 Recording System. Featuring Pro 42 boundary mics from Audio-Technica, the miniature table-top design is a much lower profile than traditional microphones, and includes a heavy gauge 25' attached cable with a XLR connector for easy connection to the 450mkII. The mkIIMCR1 also includes the Superscope CA300, a custom fit hard shell case for storage and transport of the 450mkII and microphones.

Superscope PSD450mkII

The 450mkII is an all-in-one portable recording system that records to inexpensive CD-R media, as well as to internal memory and popular USB flash drives. In addition to recording WAV files, record meetings as MP3 files and archive over 11 hours on a single CD.

Audio-Technica PRO 42 Boundary Microphone

The PRO 42’s low-profile design assures inconspicuous appearance for surface-mount use in boardroom, school, government, house of worship and other installed applications. Designed for sound reinforcement, broadcasting and recording applications, the PRO 42 brings crisp, intelligible audio reproduction to the podium, stage, conference table and beyond. With a wide-range condenser element and low-mass diaphragm for superior performance, the microphone is equipped with self-contained electronics, eliminating the need for external power modules.

  • Very low-profile design for minimum visibility
  • Wide-range condenser element with low-mass diaphragm for superior performance
  • Uniform polar pattern for maximum rejection of unwanted sounds
  • Rugged design and construction
  • 25' cable permanently attached between microphone and XLRM-type connector
  • Requires 9-52V phantom power

PRO 42 Specifications (PDF)

CA300 Carry Case

The mkIIMCR1 includes the Superscope CA300, a custom fit, secure lock, hard shell case for the PSD450mkII and microphones, offering both portability and protection.

The mkIIMCR1 Meeting Recording System...

  • Superscope PSD450mkII 16GB SSD/CD/USB Digital Audio Recorder
  • (2) Audio-Technica PRO 42 Boundary Microphone
  • Superscope CA300 Rugged Hard Shell Carry Case


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