VIRTUOSO Recording System

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VIRTUOSO Recording System

Recording music directly to CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable) media continues to be a very popular recording media for music applications; and Superscope's Virtuoso Recording System, featuring the Superscope PSD450mkII, is one of our most flexible and convenient recording system ever offered.

To record an Ensemble or Choir in stereo, place two mics in front of the group and raise the microphones around 6' high on each side of the director. The On-Stage boom stands offer easy adjustment and placement of the microphones until a balanced sound is achieved.

To record private lessons, use one microphone (or two - teacher and student). Record direct to CD-R, or record simultaneously to internal solid-state memory and popular USB flash drives. While the accompaniment is playing on the 450mkII, record both your students and the accompaniment directly to CD-R. Track progress, and reinforce your instruction using Record Review during practice; or review prior lessons archived on the internal solid state memory. Record practice sessions and lessons on a USB flash drive or CD-R for students to take home for practice.

Superscope PSD450mkII

The versatile PSD450mkII can be easily setup to capture professional CD-quality recordings. Right out of the box, the PSD450mkII is setup for high-quality 16 Bit, 44.1kHz Stereo WAV recording. Simply select the External Microphone Input and you're ready to record!

To further insure a quality recording, enable the built-in limiter to protect recordings from possible distortion caused from overdriving the microphone inputs during loud peaks. The PSD450mkII also incorporates an electronic EZ Guide to take you step-by-step through the most popular operations and settings.

Recordings can be made simultaneously to the internal memory and the USB drive for instant distribution of content. And thanks to the built-in CD recorder you'll save a lot of valuable time because you don't have to transfer recordings to computer equipment to make professional CDs.

For even more versatility, the PSD450mkII has built-in stereo microphones to conveniently capture rehearsals when setup time is limited and you need recordings to be quick and easy.

Audio-Technica AT2021 Condenser Microphones

These studio quality recording microphones are superb sounding and nicely complement the 450mkII which includes a 48v Phantom Power Supply necessary for powering the AT2021. The result is extended frequency response, a wide dynamic range, and handling of high sound pressure levels.

The Virtuoso is outstanding for recording acoustic instruments, piano, choirs and ensembles. The cardioid pickup pattern reduces sound from the side and rear, improving isolation and focusing the sound where it matters most…your performance!

AT2021 Specifications (PDF)

On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Stand & CBI 50' XLR Microphone Cables

For microphone placement, the On-Stage microphone boom stands are perfect for virtually any studio and stage application. Whether recording choirs, ensembles, or piano, microphone placement has never been easier!

The mic stands are fully adjustable with a non-slip boom swivel, locking tri-pod legs, a 30” boom, and a height range of 38” to 62” (from floor to boom swivel). Plus they fold up to a compact 38” for easy storing and carrying!

2 50' CBI Artist Series microphone cables provide for flexible equipment setup..

MS7701B Specifications (PDF)

Carry Cases

The Virtuoso includes the Superscope CA300, a custom fit, secure lock, hard shell case for the PSD450mkII and microphones. Also included is the On-Stage MSB-6500 heavy-duty Nylon bag for tripod mic stands, mic mount, and 50' XLR cables, offering both portability and protection.

MSB-6500 Specifications (PDF)

VIRTUOSO Audio Recording System

  • Superscope PSD450mkII 16GB SSD/CD/USB Digital Audio Recorder
  • (2) Audio-Technica AT2021 Condenser Microphones
  • (2) On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Mic Stands
  • (2) CBI 50 Foot XLR to XLR Mic Cables
  • Superscope CA300 Rugged Hard Shell Carry Case
  • On-Stage MSB-6500 Heavy-Duty Nylon Microphone Stand Bag


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