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PSD340$ Nearly New Dual Drive CD Recorder
PSD340R Nearly New Dual Drive CD Recorder
With our Nearly New PSD340R, recording directly to CD is now as fast and easy as using a tape recorder, with Superscope’s new PSD340.

Designed especially for musicians and music educators who use music CDs for accompaniment, the PSD340 features both a CD recording drive and an innovative MP3 CD player drive capable of real-time changes of key, tempo, and voice reduction on any music CD or MP3 audio file.

This rugged and reliable music rehearsal and recording tool from Superscope lets anyone make great sounding CD recordings, create custom practice CDs, and duplicate CDs on the spot. Significant improvements in Superscope's real-time tempo and key change controls for CDs and now MP3 files mean that a song can be slowed down even further with better quality-up to 75%- while retaining the musical pitch of the original. Or, the key of any song can shifted at the touch of a button up or down as much as an octave-in half steps or finer increments-while the tempo remains unchanged. A CD or CD-MP3 can also be fine tuned to match an instrument. All of these changes may be recorded onto a new CD as a take-home customized accompaniment.

Because the CD player drive operates independently from the CD recording drive, it's easy to program song play lists, record a few measures from the middle of a song, select start and end points for music practice loops, create your own music compilation CDs, convert MP3 files on a CD-ROM to song tracks on a standard audio CD, or continuously record an event such as a concert or church service while playing various CDs. 

This product has had some use but has been tested to be in complete working order and is backed by the same 1 year parts and labor warranty as our new models. Cosmetics are in very good shape but there may be some minor cosmetic blemishes. Comes with all new product accessories and documentation.
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