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Voyager Two CD Recording System
VIRTUOSO mkII 16GB Digital Recording System
The Virtuoso features the Superscope PSD450mkII (aka EZ RECORDER), Superscope's most advanced and easy-to-use portable digital audio recorder to date. Key features include...

  • EZ Guide (built-in navigation guide for step-by-step prompting of the most popular operations)
  • Built-in 16GB SSD (Solid State Drive expandable to 32GB)
  • Built-in CD Recorder
  • Built-in standard USB port for direct connection of a USB Flash Drive or USB External Hard Drive for recording or playback
  • Built-in peripheral USB port for direct virtual drive connection to PC or MAC computer
  • Simultaneous Record to Internal SSD plus USB (Backup Copy)
  • Music Practice Features, including adjustable Key & Tempo, Vocal Reduction, A-B Loop, and sound-on-sound recording (Overdub)

Get our top of the line recently introduced PSD450mkII plus everything you need to start recording right away!

The VIRTUOSO mkII Digital Audio Recording System includes:

  • PSD450mkII 16GB SSD/CD/USB Digital EZ Recorder
  • (2) Audix F15 condenser mics
  • (2) Mic stands
  • (2) 50-foot mic cables
  • CA350 carry case with mic stand bag
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Price: $1,299.00 

PSD330 System One
EDUCATOR 16GB Digital Recording System

With so many teachers and students using USB flash drives – often as a result of school requirements – Superscope is proud to present the PSD410 SD/USB recording package. As you’d expect, connecting a PSD410 to a computer via USB allows for file transfer to and from the computer and the PSD410. You can also rename and organize files on the PSD410 16GB Micro SD Card using the computer’s keyboard. But that’s not all! With the help of a USB adapter, the PSD410 can work with external USB flash drives and hard drives all by itself – no computer necessary. Here are just a few of the things the PSD410 can do:

  • Play audio files directly from a USB flash drive
  • Record audio files directly to a USB flash drive
  • Record to the 16GB Micro SD Card (expandable to 32GB) and copy or move any recording to a student’s USB flash drive.
  • Change the Key or Tempo of a song and even reduce vocals. The new file can then be transferred to a student’s USB drive for practice.
  • No reformatting – The PSD410 doesn't care if you use SD media or USB device that’s also used to store homework or photos. The 410 simply scans the media for audio files and prepares to play and record.

The Educator includes everything you need to create custom practice material for your students using either SD media or popular USB flash drive:

  • PSD410
  • 4GB USB Flash Drive
  • USB Adapter
  • 16GB Micro SD Card with adapters
  • CA300 Carry Case
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Price: $498.00 

System Accessory Bundle
System Accessory Bundle

Upgrade your Superscope recorder into a complete recording system.

Add two high quality Audix microphones, along with mic stands, 50' mic cables, the CA350 system carry case to any Superscope PSD recorder and enjoy this complete, easy-to-use recording system.

The System Bundle includes:
  • 2 X Audix F15 Condenser Microphones
  • 2 X Boom Microphone Stands
  • 2 X 50' XLR to XLR Microphone Cables
  • 1 X Superscope CA350 Canvas Carry Case and Mic Stand Bag
Base SKU:System-Bundle
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Price: $400.00 

1 Year Parts and Labor Extended Warranty for CD Recorders
1 Year Extended Warranty for Recorders
Our manufacturer-backed 1-Year Extended Warranty provides an additional year of parts and labor warranty coverage starting from the end of the original 1-year manufacturer warranty provided with your product purchase. Items covered under this warranty extension are identical to the items noted in your the warranty statement included with your product and is available for purchase any time within 90 days of purchase of your PSD410, or PSD450mkII Digital Recorder. A Certificate of Extended Warranty will be included with your unit purchase or mailed separately if purchasing after your unit purchase.
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Price: $89.00